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What Are Benzos?

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Benzodiazepines are prescription medications that have hypnotic and sedative qualities. Benzos frequently provide relief to those who have anxiety and panic disorders. A known risk of benzos is the potential for habit formation, abuse, and withdrawal symptoms. Increasingly, medical doctors and pharmacists are cautious about the number of benzos a person takes, and systems are in place to avoid “doctor shopping.” A new risk is that illicit benzos bought on the street may be lookalike pills created in a lab using a pill press. These fake pills can contain dangerous and potent substances, including fentanyl.

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What Are Benzos?

When used properly and on a short-term basis, benzos have the potential to help treat anxiety, depression, panic disorders, sleep issues, and other mental health issues. Benzos are not recommended for prolonged use because they are habit-forming. Frequent use of benzos can cause tolerance and withdrawal symptoms which can feed the cycle of abuse and lead to addiction.

Common benzos include:

  • Alprazolam (Xanax)
  • Lorazepam (Ativan)
  • Clonazepam (Klonopin)
  • Diazepam (Valium)

Benzos are risky to abuse on their own but pose additional dangers when combined with other depressants such as alcohol and opiates. Depressants can also have adverse effects when combined with prescription stimulants such as Ritalin or illicit “uppers” such as cocaine.

Recently, street drugs have started to be cut with potent synthetic drugs like fentanyl. These synthetic drugs are hazardous on their own and can increase the likelihood of overdose or overdose fatality when cut with other drugs. This practice has vastly increased the risk of experimenting with street drugs.

Common Signs of Benzo Addiction

It’s always important to keep in mind that early intervention is best. A person who has abused benzos or other drugs for a prolonged time can still find lasting recovery. However, the recovery process may be more straightforward for someone who has not developed a long-term habit. Further, they may be able to avoid some of the more alarming, tragic, and irreversible side effects of prolonged drug abuse.

In the early stages of addiction, a person may be able to maintain the appearance of maintaining a normal life. For instance, a person may continue to fulfill their work and family obligations. During these early stages of drug abuse, loved ones, friends, and coworkers have an opportunity to help a person find help during the early stages of substance abuse before addiction takes a more significant toll on a person’s life.

There are many common signs and symptoms that a person has developed a substance abuse disorder. Common signs may include:

  • Seeking more medication than prescribed
  • Changes in behavior
  • Relationship issues
  • Lack of interest
  • Lack of responsibility
  • Social isolation
  • Restlessness
  • Irritability
  • Mood instability
  • Sleep issues
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Memory issues
  • Poor decision-making
  • Lying or making excuses
  • Work issues
  • Financial problems

Over time, a person abusing benzos is likely to develop a more severe addiction without treatment. Prolonged benzo abuse can lead to life-threatening consequences.

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We know it’s difficult to break the cycle of abuse. If you or your loved one is struggling with benzo abuse and addiction, the right time to seek help is as soon as possible. We encourage you to contact us today by calling 818.616.7341 to begin your journey towards lasting recovery.