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Opiate Detox Program

Redefine What’s Possible
for You In Recovery

Opiate Detox Program

Our opiate detox program in LA can help you or a loved one addicted to opiates. In most cases, opiate addiction begins with a doctor’s prescription to these painkillers. Prescription opiates are often given to patients who are in extreme pain, such as those who have been in accidents. By the time the medication is discontinued by the doctor, the patient is very often addicted and seeks other ways to get the same relief. This normally involves illegal methods that may start with illegal pills and eventually lead to injecting heroin. Call 818.671.4765 to speak to our admissions team about how our Los Angeles detox programs can help you rrecovery.

Why Should You Attend an Opiate Detox Center in LA?

Clients who enter our opiate detox program in LA undergo a medically-supervised detox period. During that period, we aim to make you as comfortable as possible. The physical detox from opiates can be very intense. When people try to undergo the process alone, they often return to the drug because they can’t handle the process. 

Opiates change the structure of your brain, and when addiction takes hold, your brain believes you need the opiates to survive. During detox, your brain sends emergency messages throughout your body saying you are in danger. Both your body and mind try to convince you to use it again. By offering a medical detox program, we can ease those symptoms so you can successfully cleanse your body of the substance and begin your healing journey.

Benefits of an Outpatient Opiate Detox Program in LA

There are some people who can make a recovery work with an outpatient detox program. When you attend an outpatient detox program, you can manage your addiction while simultaneously maintaining your job and home responsibilities. You can also attend therapeutic programs, such as:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy

Time in an opiate detox program in LA will give you the chance to fully concentrate on healing and learning new ways to deal with the outside world. You will have the chance to find the underlying contributors to your addiction, such as an undiagnosed mental health disorder. This will enable you to learn to deal with the underlying causes, making sobriety more long-lasting. You also get the chance to become stronger and better equipped before you must face the world you will find outside, which is often the same environment you came from. You will be in a much better position to successfully navigate that world.

What to Do After Attending Our Opiate Detox Programs in LA

You will have a lot more spare time on your hands once you leave our opiate detox program in LA. So much of the time during your addiction revolved around drug use. You will need to learn productive ways to fill in that time. During your stay, you will have had a chance to learn healthy activities. You can then take the opportunity to enroll in an inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment program. These treatment centers will help you come to understand your addiction and create new hobbies to help fill your hours productively. 

Attending weekly meetings for moral support will help you stay on the path to recovery. You may decide to take a class or take up a new sport. Whatever you choose, it will lead to a healthier mind and body. 

Learn More at Our Detox Programs at DetoxLA

Opiates do not have to rule your life. Contact DetoxLA by calling 818.671.4765 to speak with a member of our intake staff. Learn about the programs we offer and how we can help you realize a happier, healthier life. With the new tools you will receive during your stay at our opiate detox center in LA and the clarity you will find with a clear mind, you will leave with a heart full of hope and plans for a brighter future.