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Southern California

Southern California Drug Rehab Center

Most of the 39 million-plus residents of California dwell somewhere in the state’s southern cities and counties. And without doubt, many of California’s roughly three million cases of diagnosable substance problems occur in this large, diverse population. While these problems can seem overwhelming, they’re typically treatable when modern recovery methods are used. First on the list of these methods for anyone affected by addiction is a substance detox program. Second is enrollment in active substance treatment. 

Looking for a Southern California drug rehab center that provides maximum support as you detox and prepare for active treatment? Call on the trusted expertise of Detox LA. We’re committed to providing state-of-the-art services that help you establish drug or prescription medication sobriety. We also provide the same services for those seeking to achieve alcohol sobriety. In both cases, you’ll find customized care that respects your needs and situation.

DetoxLA is a California medical detox center that can help. Contact us today to learn more about available treatment options in Southern California.

Managing Intoxication and Withdrawal at a Southern California Drug Rehab Center

After making the decision to quit your addicted use of drugs or prescription medications, you have several important tasks ahead of you. First, you must turn the idea of halting your substance use into reality. When you take your last dose of a given drug/medication, you will continue to be intoxicated until that dose leaves your system. And once a given substance is no longer present, you must find a way to endure the effects of withdrawal. The difficulty of achieving this goal depends on factors such as:

  • How much of a medication or drug is still in your bloodstream
  • The length of time you’ve been taking that substance
  • How seriously you’re affected by specific withdrawal symptoms
  • A range of personal details that vary from individual to individual

For the typical person who quits on their own, the journey from active addiction to initial sobriety is extremely challenging. However, you can lower the bar of difficulty by enrolling in a detox program. This is true for a variety of reasons. 

Perhaps most importantly, properly designed detox programs support all of your needs as you make your initial break from addiction. That includes helping you through your last bout of drug or medication intoxication. It also includes helping you go through withdrawal without relapsing back into active addiction. 

Want more information on how detox helps you manage drug/medication intoxication and withdrawal? Talk to the professionals at our Los Angeles drug and alcohol detox center.

Management of Alcohol-Related Intoxication and Withdrawal

Detox in Southern California alcohol rehab has the same goals as detox in drug rehab. It also offers the same comprehensive support for your efforts to reach an initial state of sobriety. The main difference between alcohol detox and drug/medication detox is the substance in your system. 

Alcohol withdrawal is potentially more dangerous than almost all other forms of withdrawal. Why? Long-term, heavy drinking can lead to rare but serious complications when you decide to quit. These complications include:

  • Major seizures
  • Delirium tremens, which combines a risk for seizures with hallucinations and extreme confusion

Alcohol detox specialists pay close attention to people at-risk for seizures or delirium tremens. When needed, they also provide emergency care that helps you stay safe and allows you to complete the detox process.

Have questions about the successful management of alcohol intoxication and withdrawal? Get the answers you need at Detox LA.

Detox Methods at a Southern California Drug Rehab Center

What methods are used to help you during drug and prescription medication detox? The answer to this question depends, in part, on the source of your substance problems. All people in detox receive certain forms of supportive care. People recovering from opioid addiction also receive additional help from medication. 

A primary focus of effective detox is supporting your health at all times. Achievement of this goal requires regular monitoring of vital signs such as your:

  • Heart rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood’s oxygen saturation level

Attention is also paid to your nutritional status and fluid levels. This is necessary since addiction can have a significant, negative impact on these two aspects of your well-being. You may also receive medication that helps keep at least some of your withdrawal symptoms under control. If you’re withdrawing from a benzodiazepine, you may temporarily receive another option from the same class of medications.

Medication plays a more central role in opioid detox. Why? Although it’s not usually dangerous, opioid withdrawal can be profoundly uncomfortable. You simply may be unable to tolerate it without the temporary relief provided by either of two medications:

  • Buprenorphine
  • Methadone

You take progressively smaller amounts of these medications as you approach initial sobriety.

To find out more about the available options for drug and medication detox, contact Detox LA today.

Detox Methods Used During Alcohol Rehab

Supportive measures also play a leading role in the alcohol detoxification process. These measures are basically identical to those used in other forms of detox. The use of medication can also be important. 

As a rule, the medication of choice is the benzodiazepine sedative diazepam. Small doses of this medication help ease the agitation that often accompanies alcohol withdrawal. You may also need larger doses for moderate-to-severe or severe agitation. In addition, your detox plan may include other kinds of medication used as spot treatments for other withdrawal symptoms.

Consult Detox LA today for more details on the specific methods used during alcohol detox. 

Moving On to Active Addiction Treatment
in Southern California

Successful detox at a Southern California drug rehab center should lead to enrollment in active addiction treatment. The same holds true for successful alcohol detox. All qualified addiction specialists emphasize the importance of moving from the first type of recovery program to the second. In detox, time is devoted to clarifying the reasons for this heavy emphasis. Time is also devoted to making your move to active treatment as straightforward as possible. 

Make Detox LA Your Choice for a Southern California
Drug Rehab Center

Effective substance detox is essential to your ability to overcome addiction and return to sobriety. By itself, it’s not enough to support your full recovery. Nevertheless, along with active treatment, it creates an achievable path to an enduring pattern of abstinence. 

Need an expert source of detoxification services in Southern California? The trusted professionals at Detox LA are in your corner. We provide comprehensive support for your efforts to stop using illegal drugs, prescriptions medications or alcohol. We also safeguard all aspects of your health as you transition away from substance use. Just as importantly, the help you receive at Detox LA eases your enrollment in active treatment that solidifies your long-term recovery. 

For more information on getting the detox process underway, just contact us today.