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Women’s Detox Program in Los Angeles

Though women make up a significant portion of the population worldwide, too often, their needs are dismissed, overlooked, or downplayed. Because of the challenges they often face in society, many women face obstacles related to addiction that can make it hard for them to access the care they need or find acceptance from others.

Our Southern California drug and alcohol detox center is dedicated to being a top resource and women’s detox program in Los Angeles. While we are a co-ed facility, we offer paths for those seeking women’s only treatment. Our team can help you or a loved one find the treatment solutions you need to receive the support you may need.

Our women’s detox center in LA is here to help women managing a myriad of addictions learn what might cause their substance misuse, how to change their behavior and new ways to connect with others.

Unique Substance Use Trends Among Women

Women can face unique challenges related to substance use, which can be influenced by either sex (differences based on biology) or gender (differences based on culturally defined roles or expectations). The hormonal changes that many women experience regularly throughout life can likewise shape the way they feel about and physically respond to substance use.

At our women’s detox program in Los Angeles, we understand how challenges like those below impact the way many women experience addiction. As a result, we offer customized and client-focused care that seeks to understand and learn from these differences instead of ignoring their significance. 

Different reasons for using substances

Women may have different reasons for using substances than men and people of other genders. For instance, the desire to control weight, manage exhaustion, and cope with mental or physical pain might drive addictive behaviors women experience. 

Becoming addicted more quickly and easily

Though men tend to use substances more often, women are just as likely to develop a substance use disorder (SUD). That means that lower rates of substance use can translate to the same consequences in women as higher amounts of misuse do in men. 

Similarly, research suggests that women’s brains may be more susceptible to desire and cravings for substances, which are key parts of the relapse and addiction cycle. 

Responding to substances in different ways

Due to biological and hormonal differences, women are likely to experience significant mental and physical health consequences from substance use. They are also more likely to overdose or need hospitalization for substance use.

Gender-based circumstances and discrimination

Realities that women face more often than people of other genders, such as workplace discrimination, unfair gender expectations, and a lack of validation or support, can further increase their risk of addiction.

Challenges Women Face: How Our LA Women’s Detox Center Can Help

At DetoxLA, we believe it’s our job to truly get to know and understand our clients and their needs. Our women’s detox program in Los Angeles strives to help women free themselves from addiction’s grip and feel comfortable navigating the underlying causes behind it. We also consider the hurdles that many women face when seeking treatment, including those below.

  • Social Stigma and Shame: Because women are often responsible for tasks like childcare, home management, and maintaining successful relationships, many feel pressure to prioritize others over their own need for addiction treatment.
  • More Severe Health Outcomes: A lack of treatment is more likely to lead to serious health consequences, including long-term brain and bodily damage, for women.
  • A Lack of Specialized Care: Few treatment centers work to actively involve and target women by empathizing with their experiences and finding resources tailored to their needs.

Why Choose DetoxLA for a Los Angeles Women’s Detox Center?

Our LA women’s detox center is unlike the rest. We deliver smaller-scale and much more personalized care than other facilities, all with the help of our expert team, to give our clients a one-of-a-kind and genuinely impactful experience.

Personalized care and support

Our 1:1 staff-to-client ratio allows us to give each client the level of attention and care they deserve. It also makes entering our rehab facility less intimidating and more likely to facilitate a sense of community.

Multidisciplinary expertise

Our experienced staff spans multiple fields, ensuring that our clients can get the medical and mental health support they need under one roof.

Extra amenities

Extra opportunities like eating food prepared by our in-house private chef, participating in acupuncture, or retreating to massage therapy help clients enrich their experience at our facility. When you choose DetoxLA’s Los Angeles women’s addiction treatment, you’re choosing an option that promotes holistic wellness alongside substance abuse treatment. 

Want to know more about the potential reasons for enrolling in an LA Women’s detox center? The professionals at Detox LA are standing by to assist you.

Our Programs for Los Angeles Women’s Addiction Treatment

Our women’s detox program in Los Angeles is designed to be as unique as the clients we treat. We encourage each client to take a hands-on role in developing and facilitating a treatment plan that makes sense for them.

To do that and get our clients started on the path toward recovery successfully, we offer the following services.

Los Angeles Women’s Detox Program

Step one of any successful recovery is abstinence. In the absence of a substance’s influence, clients can focus more readily and wholly on their treatment goals. Our women’s detox center in LA offers supervised and controlled medical detox services to help clients stop using a substance without putting their health at risk. 

Our facility is equipped to help clients detox from a variety of commonly misused substances, including the following:

  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Benzodiazepines (“benzos”)
  • Heroin
  • Opiate
  • Prescription drugs

LA women’s inpatient treatment

For clients who are ready to start formal addiction treatment, our inpatient program is here to help. Built on our years of experience, our treatment program strives to educate, empower, and challenge clients as they form behaviors and habits that will last a lifetime. 

We rely on the latest therapeutic techniques and treatment modalities to offer clients state-of-the-art treatment that truly works. Clients can attend individual and group activities and therapy sessions, participate in other wellness activities, and learn skills that will help them put their new abilities into practice as they continue to recover. 

Find the Best Women’s Detox Center in LA

If you or a loved one could benefit from visiting a women’s detox program in Los Angeles, look no further than DetoxLA. Our founding principle is to help clients from all backgrounds rewrite their stories and change the narrative for the better. 

Contact us today to learn more about our Los Angeles women’s detox and treatment options. Life-changing help and support are just a few clicks away.