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Men’s Detox Program in Los Angeles

Substance addiction and dysfunctional, non-addicted substance abuse are relatively common among both men and women in the U.S. However, the experiences of men affected by these issues can differ significantly from the experiences of women. Such differences include the likelihood of experiencing certain kinds of substance-related harm. They also include the likelihood of taking full advantage of the resources available in medically supervised detox. For these reasons and others, men may have better outcomes when they enroll in gender-specific detox programs.

Looking for a men’s detox program in Los Angeles? Turn to the specialists at Detox LA. We feature multiple options for men in need of detoxification services. These options include co-ed programs. Crucially, they also include gender-specific services geared toward men’s unique needs. Whichever option works best for you, we’re committed to helping you halt your damaging substance use.

DetoxLA is a Los Angeles drug and alcohol detox center that offers comprehensive treatment. Contact us today to learn more about our addiction treatment center in Los Angeles.

Substance Use Trends in Men Vs. Those in Women

Men use most substances more often than women. This statistic includes street drugs and prescription medications. It also includes alcohol. The differences between men and women are apparent at almost every age. 

In addition, men frequently use drugs and alcohol for reasons that differ from the reasons that motivate women. Gender differences in the use of methamphetamine illustrate this point. Compared to women, men are more likely to be motivated to use this drug for reasons that include:

  • A sense of curiosity and experimentation
  • A desire to get more things done at work
  • Enhancement of sexual performance

Some of the starkest differences between the two sexes are related to alcohol use. Men not only drink alcohol more often than women. They also:

  • Drink to excess more often
  • Have higher chances of going on drinking binges
  • Are hospitalized for alcohol-related reasons at a higher rate
  • Have much greater chances of being involved in a fatal, alcohol-related motor vehicle accident
  • Commit suicide much more often while under the influence of alcohol
  • Have higher chances of dying from several forms of cancer that have excessive alcohol use as a contributing factor

Have more questions about gender-specific substance use trends among men? Consult the experts at Detox LA for timely, accurate answers. 

Core Detox Services for Both Men and Women

The basic principles of supervised drug and alcohol detoxification are the same for men and women. These principles emphasize such things as:

  • Viewing detox as a stepping stone to further substance treatment, not as a standalone approach
  • Evaluating individual needs as a first step in the detox process
  • Creating a customized detox plan based on the results of evaluation
  • Helping people who quit drinking or taking drugs deal with the final effects of intoxication
  • Providing further support for any subsequent drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms
  • Using medication as a primary or secondary tool for easing withdrawal

For both men and women, effective detox is substance-specific. In other words, it’s largely determined by the substance from which you are detoxing. Detox services are then further personalized according to the details of your situation.

To find out more about the basic principles of supervised detoxification, talk to the specialists at Detox LA today.

Reasons for Seeking a Men’s Detox Center in LA

Men are more likely to be enrolled in treatment for substance problems than women. In addition, until recently, most addiction research focused on men, not women. Given these facts, it’s easy to assume that the standard, co-ed detox program will meet the needs of the average man. However, this is not always true. Why? A co-ed program may fail to address some of the key issues affecting men in need of detox.

One factor that may go overlooked in men in detox programs is the impact of trauma. Broadly speaking, this term describes the lingering effects of situations or events that either:

  • Genuinely put your life or someone else’s life is in danger
  • Give the realistic impression that your life or someone else’s is in danger

Left untreated, these effects can majorly impact your risks for certain serious health issues. The list of these problems includes the onset of drug or alcohol problems. 

The presence of lingering trauma can alter your needs during detox, as well as during later stages of your recovery. In many cases, women are the focus of concerns about trauma’s impact. This makes sense, since certain types of severe trauma are more common in women than in men. 

However, research shows that trauma is also a concern for many men with substance problems. Awareness of this fact can help your detox team make better decisions when creating your treatment plan. A men’s detox program in Los Angeles may be more likely to take your trauma-related concerns into consideration.

Compared to men in detox, women in detox may be more likely to use all of the resources available to them. As a result, they may find it easier to successfully complete the detox process. What explains this difference between men and women? No one knows for sure, but the answer may lie in how men and women talk about their substance problems.

For a variety of reasons, society can be more accepting of women who discuss their health problems than it is of men. As a result, women may feel more relaxed talking openly about their needs during substance detox. In contrast, men may have considerable difficulty talking about their needs. The presence of women in a co-ed detox environment can potentially increase that difficulty. 

Enrollment in Los Angeles men’s detox may make it easier for you to openly discuss your needs. That’s true, in part, because you may feel less pressured to keep up appearances in an all-male environment. It’s also true because the staff treating you will have more experience focusing on these types of men-specific concerns. And when you find it easier to discuss your needs, it’s easier for your detox provider to meet them. 

Want to know more about the potential reasons for enrolling in an LA men’s detox center? The professionals at Detox LA are standing by to assist you.

Turn to Detox LA for a Men’s Detox Program in Los Angeles

While detox services geared toward men can be essential, they’re not always easy to find. Not only do you need a provider that follows the modern principles of effective detoxification. You also need a provider that pays special attention to the often-overlooked issues that can alter men’s detox outcomes. Despite the wide availability of detox programs in greater Los Angeles, facilities that meet these criteria are not all that common. 

For a top-tier men’s detox program in Los Angeles, call on the experts at Detox LA. Every day, we provide customized services geared toward men’s unique requirements in substance detoxification. We also feature a robust co-ed program that takes men’s needs into account. In the right circumstances, either option may be crucial to your ability to reach initial sobriety. You can also use either program as a springboard to active Los Angeles men’s addiction treatment. 

DetoxLA is an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab center that can help. For more information on our gender-specific men’s services, call us today or complete our online form.