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Benzodiazepine Detox Program

Redefine What’s Possible
for You In Recovery

benzo detox program

Benzodiazepines, or benzos, are a class of psychoactive drugs often prescribed to help individuals dealing with mental health disorders. The drug’s name comes from combining two elements that make up its chemical structure, benzene and diazepine. Some people form an addiction to benzos when they do not follow their physician’s guidelines on taking the medication. DetoxLA provides a benzo detox program at our drug detox center in Los Angeles. Contact our detox program today by calling 818.671.4765 to learn more about our detox programs in Los Angeles.

Recognizing the Signs of Benzo Addiction

Those who follow their doctor’s recommendations in taking prescribed benzo medication have few issues most of the time. Many people take them for relief from a variety of conditions. However, if someone starts taking them over long periods of time in high doses, they may develop an addiction. Sometimes they may try to enhance the effects of benzos by taking them with other drugs.

Our medical professionals may decide to wean their patients off benzo medication if they have an addiction. However, some people may start looking for illegal ways to get hold of more benzo medication. If they’re doing everything possible to support their need for benzos, they likely have developed an addiction. Some common symptoms include:

  • Having little interest in anything other than obtaining more benzo medication
  • Neglecting responsibilities at their job or home because of their need for benzos
  • Feeling withdrawal effects when their attempts to stop taking benzos
  • Lying or stealing to fund their substance use

These symptoms can indicate that it may be time to seek help from addiction specialists. DetoxLA can provide clients with the support they need to put an end to their addiction. Many people can overcome their substance abuse issues at our benzo addiction detox center in Los Angeles. Please speak to our team to learn more about the treatment options.

How Can Our Benzo Detox Program Help?

Many people with addiction feel like their benzo addiction is controlling their life. Perhaps they feel incapable of functioning due to their addiction. In such cases, a benzo detox program can provide them with evidence-based treatment options to heal. The sooner they get help from a treatment center like DetoxLA, the more likely they are to avoid severe side effects from benzo addiction.

Benzos can be dangerous because of the effects they have on the respiratory system. If someone takes too much of the medication, their breathing can slow to the point where they become unconscious. That could cause them to lapse into a coma or even die if they don’t get prompt medical treatment.

Once an individual faces the reality of their situation, they can start focusing on getting better. We recommend speaking to one of the detox specialists at DetoxLA. We evaluate each patient to get a sense of how they got to their current point. The more we understand the situation, the more capable we are of giving the client the best chance at recovery success.

Seek Support at the Benzo Detox Program at DetoxLA

Our outpatient detox programs in beautiful Los Angeles provide patients with a peaceful, therapeutic atmosphere. It’s a chance for each individual to focus entirely on getting better while also learning how to stay sober in the future. We can address the issues driving the addiction and educate the patient on techniques and strategies to help them remain clean and sober with programs. We offer a range of therapy programs and mental health treatment options to support the long-term recovery of our patients.

Contact DetoxLA at 818.671.4765 or use our online form today. Taking time for recovery at our detox programs can be the jump-start you need to move past your addiction issues.