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How to Repair Relationships in Recovery

How to Repair Relationships in Recovery

Addiction or substance abuse has wreaked many relationships, whether with family, friends, or spouses. It happens because addiction affects the person using it and those around the individual. A National Institute of Health study revealed that women with alcohol or substance use partners were at risk of mood and anxiety disorders.

Addiction fuels conflicts in a marriage, which could manifest as domestic abuse or sexual violence. Parents who struggle with drug abuse may miss out on their children’s formative years, hampering the attachment between them. Substance abuse can also force family members to enforce boundaries to protect their loved ones from those with drug or alcohol problems.

The truth is that repairing damaged relationships is challenging because of the hurt those in recovery have caused. But relationships can be mended. They can make amends with those they’ve harmed due to their substance use disorder. 

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Rebuilding Post-Recovery Relationships

Addiction negatively impacts all aspects of a relationship, including communication, trust, and intimacy. When substance abuse becomes your only concern, family members, friends, and your partner suffer the consequences of financial problems, abuse, increased stress, and lying. Of course, you suffer their absence in your life.

If you’re in addiction recovery, whether outpatient or inpatient program, it is crucial to rebuild damaged relationships due to your SUD. It is because the road to recovery is long, and the involvement of those close to you can foster faster recovery. Isolation and lack of emotional support can make coping difficult during recovery. Repairing relationships is an essential part of recovery in substance abuse treatment, as it creates a support network that will improve quality of life.

Like all relationships, getting back your family or earning your partner’s trust can be difficult. You’ll have to try hard numerous times before they can listen to you, but it’s possible to rebuild with the right strategy.

How to Repair Relationships in Recovery

Recovery is tough, and you may not be fully prepared to see those you have hurt. You don’t have to go through it alone. Some resources can help you along the way. You can seek the help of our experts to intervene.

The following are tips and strategies you can use:

Admit Your Mistake

The first step is to admit your mistake and guilt. It entails asking for forgiveness from your family, friends, or partners. Work through your emotions and be accountable for your actions. Being transparent and honest is fundamental, showing you’re becoming a better person.

It is essential not to feel discouraged if resentment sets in along the way. Instead, put yourself in the person’s shoes. Is their reaction valid? Can you see why they’re hurt? If yes, validate their reactions and avoid minimizing the gravity of the situation. Let them know you understand everything and reassure them that you’re now trying to be responsible. Recovering and rebuilding damaged relationships can be challenging, but it must be done to safeguard the future.

Set Realistic Expectations

Remember that not everyone will be ready to accept your apologies. At least, not immediately. Some people still feel hurt. The process may be slow, but be patient. You may seek more support from 12-step groups like AA and NA to help with the process.

Rebuild Trust

To many, trust is something you earn. You must have broken the trust of a loved one while you were still under the influence. It will take some time to rebuild trust. Consistency and patience are needed to rebuild this once-lost trust.

Develop Healthy Communication Skills

A massive part of learning how to repair relationships in recovery is developing a healthy way to communicate feelings. It is usual for individuals to use drugs and alcohol as a coping technique. Now that you’re recovering, you can learn how to cope with unfavorable conditions healthily.

Let Go of Unhealthy Relationships

While the emphasis is on rebuilding broken relationships, you can leverage the opportunity to eliminate unhealthy relationships. You may have some friends who have negative influences on you. Parting ways with such individuals can aid long-term recovery.

Steps to Take to Rebuild Relationships

You might feel guilty and ashamed to seek support from your loved ones, but you must do it. Here is what you need to do:

  • Try reaching out first to your loved one
  • Be honest with your loved one when discussing substance abuse. Be accountable for your role in the conflicts that ensued while you were using
  • Let go of the hurt and focus on the present
  • Attend therapy and stick to it
  • Be patient and take care of yourself

DetoxLA Can Help With Repairing Relationships in Recovery

Rebuilding damaged relationships in recovery is daunting, but you can recover well and save your relationship. However, doing it alone is challenging. If you’re ready to get help but need to know how to repair relationships in recovery, our team is here to help you. Contact us today to learn more.