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Recognizing Addiction in the Workplace

Addiction in the workplace

Addiction affects communities across the United States every day. Assumptions, stigmas, and misinformation lead many to believe addiction does not affect the workplace. In reality, drug and alcohol addiction are increasingly common among working professionals. Fear of failure, long work hours, and a lack of work-life balance through company culture lead many to self-soothe with substance use. For many, casual or habitual substance use to destress and disconnect from work quickly leads to addiction. Learning the signs of addiction in the workplace can help you and your coworkers get help from drug detox programs.

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What Are the Signs of Workplace Drug Abuse?

Many people living with addiction have jobs and busy work lives. Unfortunately, the fast-paced, competitive culture of today’s workplace culture can cause stress, PTSD, or lead to addiction. Long hours, a lack o work-life balance, and undiagnosed co-occurring disorders also play a role in workplace addictions. Today, many hospitals report emergency room visits from workplace accidents involving alcohol or other altering substances. Signs of addiction and substance abuse in the workplace include:

  • Talking about financial problems or witnessing clear financial changes
  • Changes in relationships and home life like divorce, breakups, moving to smaller apartments, etc.
  • Changes in work performance, such as confusion, memory problems, missing deadlines, etc.
  • Decrease in personal hygiene like dirty clothes, unbrushed hair, etc.
  • Increase in workplace conflict through reactionary behavior
  • Obvious drunkenness or appearing intoxicated on the job
  • Inconsistent attendance without reasonable cause
  • Reckless behavior that endangers self or others

If you recognize these symptoms, it may be time to seek addiction treatment.

What Situations Can Lead to Workplace Substance Abuse?

While substance use in the office may seem less dangerous than substance use involving moving vehicles and heavy machinery, it can be detrimental. Ongoing stress, corporate culture, and a lack of workplace support can lead to substance use. The following can affect workplace substance abuse:

  • Access to drugs or alcohol on-site during or after work hours
  • Alienation, competition, and toxic relationships
  • Feeling unsafe or undervalued
  • Harassment in the workplace
  • Unrealistic expectations from others and themself
  • Unhealthy hours and a lack of breaks
  • Financial strain
  • A lack of supervision and HR support

Overcoming self-medicating and self-soothing for workplace stress requires more than detox and addiction recovery. Changes in company cultures, work-life boundaries, and tools for mental health can help companies overcome addiction in the workplace.

Finding Holistic Detox and Addiction Help For Professionals in Los Angeles

Today, many companies have EAP programs for employees to anonymously seek support for mental health, addiction, legal advice, and other life support. These programs can support and refer employees to addiction recovery programs. Many people dealing with addiction in the workplace thrive in outpatient recovery.

If you or someone in your life is struggling with addiction in the workplace, the team at DetoxLA can help. Our comprehensive detox programs provide clients across Los Angeles with holistic support. With programs for opiates, heroin, benzos, and alcohol, DetoxLA can support your early recovery. We know detox paves the way for recovery, which is why our top-notch, evidence-based programs provide the structure, care, and tools clients need to thrive. Clients learn how to manage self-care, avoid triggers, and connect with others through our alumni network.

Begin Medical Drug Detox At DetoxLA Today

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