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A Comprehensive Guide to Holistic Addiction Treatment

A Comprehensive Guide to Holistic Addiction Treatment

Just like holistic treatment methods are playing an increasing role in traditional healthcare, holistic addiction treatments are now being offered at rehab centers across the country. Once considered “alternative,” there is a growing body of scientific research that suggests holistic treatment can have a direct impact on a patient’s recovery and quality of life.

While few would argue that holistic care should replace conventional medical and behavioral treatment, most would agree that patients can benefit when holistic treatment is integrated with traditional methods.

What Is Holistic Addiction Treatment?

Generally speaking, holistic treatment is a personalized, natural form of care that aims to bring the entire body into balance – physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

The idea is that the whole person is comprised of many interconnected systems. If one system isn’t functioning properly, all other systems are affected, making it impossible to fully heal and achieve optimal health.

Following this principle, holistic addiction treatment seeks to heal the whole person by incorporating therapies that address physical symptoms of addiction and withdrawal, as well as underlying psychological and emotional issues that contribute to negative behaviors.

Although holistic addiction treatment does not include medication, it is very much science-based.

How Does Holistic Care Work?

Holistic drug rehab or alcohol rehab doesn’t use medication, although it could include supplements as part of a clinical nutrition program. Holistic care targets obstacles to healing, focusing on natural treatment methods that are intended to stimulate the body’s built-in healing capabilities. 

Treatment could involve improving the patient physical conditioning, diet, and self-confidence. Some patients may benefit from therapies that reduce physical pain, remove toxins from the body, and increase resilience to disease. Holistic care can also help bring deeper physical, mental, and emotional issues to the surface and reduce stress.

These holistic treatment modalities can help repair biochemical imbalances and reduce cravings, urges, depression, anxiety, and unstable moods and behaviors that contribute to addiction.

For example, poor nutrition is often overlooked during addiction treatment. The idea is that treating addiction is the first priority and diet can be addressed later. However, proper nutrition can improve mood, alertness, and quality of sleep while strengthening the immune system. Of course, the benefits of proper nutrition will last far beyond addiction treatment.

When holistic care is integrated with traditional addiction treatment methods, patients are often in a better position to avoid relapse and accelerate their recovery.

Types of Holistic Treatment for Addiction

One of the biggest advantages of holistic addiction treatment is that it gives you options and allows you to pursue your passions. This makes treatment a bit less monotonous and more fun. Once you complete treatment, you can continue with holistic care for as long as you choose, often for little or no cost.

Holistic treatment examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Yoga and tai chi
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Acupuncture and acupressure
  • Massage therapy
  • Physical exercise (not just going to a gym, but rock climbing, hiking, swimming, surfing, and playing sports)
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Supplementation
  • Animal therapy 
  • Art and music therapy
  • Nature or wilderness therapy

The beauty of holistic drug rehab is that it doesn’t require a prescription or a visit to your doctor, therapist, or rehab center. It only requires commitment and smart choices.

Someone recovering from addiction can practice meditation and yoga or go for acupuncture and massage treatments for the rest of their lives. There’s no need to stop practicing mindfulness to relax and reduce stress. Patients who develop or rediscover passions for art, music, animals, or nature can cultivate those passions for as long as they choose.

Similarly, the benefits of physical exercise and good nutrition are achieved through permanent lifestyle change and healthy choices on a daily basis. Holistic care trains and educates people to implement these changes and make these choices as part of long-term wellness plan.

DetoxLA Integrates Conventional Addiction Treatment with Holistic Care

There is more to addiction treatment than sitting in front of a therapist or with a group of peers while surrounded by four walls. DetoxLA offers holistic treatment options at our co-ed medical detox center in Los Angeles.To learn how we can combine conventional and holistic addiction treatment to produce better outcomes for our patients, contact DetoxLA today.