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6 Reasons Why Los Angeles is a Great Place for Your Recovery

6 Reasons Why Los Angeles is a Great Place for Your Recovery

It’s a perfectly reasonable question… “Is Los Angeles the right place for my recovery?”

The answer is: Absolutely!

While there are literally dozens of reasons why people love the city, there are a number of benefits to being in Los Angeles that can actually aid in your addiction recovery.

1. Supportive Community

California in general, but especially Los Angeles, has long been among the most tolerant, forward-thinking communities in the world. This is particularly true when it comes to individuals who are dealing with addiction, mental illness, homelessness, and poverty.

Los Angeles is among the most tolerant, forward-thinking communities, particularly with addiction, mental illness, homelessness, and poverty.


Although the city is known in part for the glitz, glamour, and luxury of Hollywood, most of Los Angeles is populated with ordinary people who share similar challenges and are eager to support each other. Some of the finest rehab and detox centers are found in Los Angeles, with most catering to regular people, not the rich and famous. 

2. New Friends

Feelings of isolation and loneliness are common when recovering from addiction, especially if relationships have suffered due to substance abuse. Los Angeles, however, trails only New York City as the second largest city in the country. With so many people in Los Angeles and so much to do, it’s easy to find new friends who share your interests!

3. Gorgeous Weather

Those beaches and palm trees you see on TV and in the movies are real. 

With warm temperatures all year, 75 miles of coastline, 24,000 acres of parks, and a city bursting with activity, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get outside, whether you check out street fairs and festivals, explore the history of Los Angeles, or go on a hike or beach walk during your recovery. Los Angeles is also a short distance from the desert and mountains if you want to sneak off the grid for a while.

Boredom can make recovery a struggle, but it’s almost impossible to feel bored in Los Angeles.

4. Rich Culture

In addition to being one of biggest cities in the country, Los Angeles is also one of the most ethnically diverse. In fact, did you know Los Angeles has the largest Hispanic, Korean, Japanese, Thai, and Native American populations in the U.S.?

For people in recovery looking to immerse themselves in something new, the rich culture of Los Angeles offers plenty of options, with different types of music, dance, art, film, theatre, and cuisine. 

5. Sports Town

The Dodgers, Angels, Lakers, Clippers, Sparks, Rams, Chargers, and Kings all call Los Angeles home. Even if you’re not a fan of the local teams, you can always find a game to watch. Sports can serve as motivation to exercise, which can add structure to your day, distract you from cravings and urges, and contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

6. Educational Opportunities

Many people see recovery as an opportunity for self-improvement or career change. If you want to pursue a degree, take a class, or gain exposure to something new, Los Angeles is home to more than 30 colleges and universities, as well as some of the most innovative companies in the world.

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