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Finding Medical Detox for Alcohol

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Quitting alcohol can be difficult in this day and age. In general, society approves of drinking alcohol. In fact, people can purchase it almost anywhere. However, for those who struggle with alcohol use disorder (AUD), finding the help and support needed to start the recovery process successfully can be challenging. For some, especially those who have used alcohol over a long period, seeking medical detox treatment can be helpful.

Learning more about medical detox for alcohol can be empowering, allowing you or your loved one to understand what will happen and how such a treatment program can help. Have you been asking yourself, “How can I find a medical detox near me?” Knowing more about how to find a high-quality medical detox program can be valuable for people seeking AUD treatment. If you’re looking for a medical detox program in California, contact DetoxLA by calling 818.616.7341 and ask about our rehab offerings.

What Is Medical Detox and How Can It Help when Quitting Alcohol?

Medical detox is a component of some substance abuse and alcohol treatment programs. When participating in a medical detox program, patients are closely monitored by medical and therapeutic staff during the process of physical withdrawal. Appropriate medications and treatments are used to ensure that patients can tolerate the withdrawal process as comfortably as possible. Patients are also often given access to psychological therapies that can help them start healing from addiction.

What Are the Qualities of a High-Quality Medical Detox Program?

Here are some of the qualities you may want to look for in a center providing medical detox programs:

  • Good patient-to-staff ratio
  • In good standing with local licensing boards and committees
  • Staff certifications and licenses
  • Facility licenses and accreditations from appropriate professional organizations
  • Offers all levels of care or has partnerships with other programs that do the same
  • Individualized treatment plans that address specific patient needs and goals for recovery

Knowing what comprises an ideal medical detox program is essential when searching for the right place to begin your recovery journey.

Why Is Medical Detox a Good Choice for Quitting Alcohol?

Alcohol is an addictive substance to which the body can become habituated. When a person uses alcohol regularly over time, their body’s systems and processes change to accommodate it. Sometimes, this is called “physical addiction” or “dependence.” Quitting alcohol can be uncomfortable and even carry some serious health risks. To ease the process of withdrawal and keep patients safe, clinicians in a medical detox program monitor the patients closely so that they can intervene if any problems occur.

Some of the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can be challenging, and a few can even be unpleasant. For this reason and for the sake of health, choosing to participate in a medical detox program for alcohol can be a wise choice, especially for patients who have been using alcohol for a long time. The best way to know whether or not a medical detox program is the right choice for you or a loved one is to consult with staff at the facility which offers that medical detox program.

DetoxLA Can Help with Medical Detox for Alcohol

At our luxury medical detox center, our patients have access to treatments based on best clinical practices and a close, tight-knight, recovery-focused community. Our staff of highly trained clinicians has the experience needed to help guide our patients as they start their recovery journey. We pride ourselves on offering the best recovery care possible and look forward to showing how we can help. If you or a loved one is struggling to stop drinking alcohol, contact us today at 818.616.7341.