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Dangers of the Opioid Epidemic

There is simply no doubt that an opioid epidemic is happening in the United States. There are many reasons for it; doctors overprescribing pain medications to easier access to heroin and fentanyl. Yet, what many people overlook is the sheer devastation that this epidemic has brought to so many people. At DetoxLA, we work closely with our clients at our medical detox program to ensure their needs are met so they can overcome this addiction.

Understanding the Opioid Epidemic

It is hard to see what’s happening in the opioid epidemic if you are not in the middle of it. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide some clear data. In 2018, 67,367 people died from drug overdoses in the U.S. Of those, opioids were involved in 46,802 of them. That accounts for 69.5 percent of all overdose deaths. These numbers are incredibly high. There is no doubt this is the worst component of the epidemic – the thousands of lives lost.

Why It’s Hard to Stop

While all drug addiction is difficult to stop on a grand scale, opioids are very troubling. These drugs are highly addictive, but doctors did not realize this for a long time. They were told, according to the CDC, that people could use the drugs in a safe manner. They prescribed them for most types of pain, including acute forms of pain related to treatment from surgeries or injuries as well as chronic pain.

Every day people began facing addiction to the drugs. Opioids not only create dependency, but also tolerance. That means it becomes nearly impossible for a person to stop using them on their own because of the chemical change they create in the brain. More so, a person needs to use more and more of them to reach the same level of high. That makes them toxic to the rest of the body.

Not all opioid addictions are related to illicit drugs, though. There are many instances in which illicit forms, like heroin and fentanyl, are also used. Fentanyl is incredibly potent, creating a high risk of overdose with even a small amount.

What Can Be Done About the Opioid Epidemic?

There may be a number of things that you can do today to help. That includes:

  • Educating others of the risks of taking prescription pain medications
  • Limiting your own us of addictive painkillers – ask your doctor for non-addictive forms
  • Support individuals who you know are using drugs
  • Reach out to opioid addiction treatment program if you are facing addiction
  • Don’t use illicit forms that may be laced with dangerous levels of fentanyl

How Can Our Team Help You Today?

When it comes to opioid addiction, there is very little you may be able to do to resolve your own concerns. Even if you are meeting responsibilities and doing your best to avoid the onset of addiction, you may be unable to stop. Soon, your addiction may become out of control. That does not have to happen if you reach out for help.

Our opioid detox program is designed to empower you. It offers a wide range of opioid addiction therapies that can give you the ability to stop your addiction from worsening. Learn more about the treatment programs we offer today so that you can begin the first steps of recovery.

Get Help at DetoxLA Today

The opioid epidemic is one of the least talked about but most devastating components of life today. You do not have to be a statistic. There is help and support available to you at DetoxLA. If you have an opioid addiction or know a loved one that needs an opioid detox program, call our compassionate counselors at 818.616.7341 today.